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While prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome, I’m honored by comments made by former clients, many of whom were practicing lawyers:

Carolyn Elefant: From Lessons of Rakofsky v. the Internet: Be the Kind of Lawyer That Your Client Can Be Proud Of

Not only did Marc and Eric win the case, they served us well, with exceptional briefs, procedural finesse (a skill not to be underestimated) and near-instantaneous responsiveness. Even so, this is the level of performance that clients should expect of their lawyers. That Marc and Eric delivered so well was appreciated of course (particularly because it couldn’t have been a picnic for them to represent 15 opinionated and strong-willed attorneys). But their performance didn’t surprise me because that’s the reason I hired them.

What did surprise me however was that as a client I might feel proud of my lawyers — not just because of how they handled themselves within my case, but also, their reputation outside of it. …When I saw Eric’s picture on the side of a New York bus, I bragged to all of my New York attorney friends – “Hey did you see the New York marathon ads on the buses? That guy in the ad is my lawyer – and a damn good one too!

I only hope to make my clients as proud of me as I was – and am – of my lawyers. Thank you Marc and Eric.

Mark and Mildred B.

We cannot begin to thank you for what you have done for us. We want you to know how much we appreciate everything that you have done for us, knowing we only see part of what you do to prepare for things like this. The time and effort you have given to us, and the time that you have spent with us will be with us forever. If we had this to do all over again, I wouldn't hesitate on who to pick. You are the best at what you do... Thank You So Much.

Colin Samuels (via Avvo)

From the moment he agreed to act as our local counsel, we could not have been trusted to better-skilled counsel. Though the matter took much longer to resolve than either respondents or counsel anticipated, Turkewitz' attention to the needs of the case and of his clients never once flagged. He is an example of what lawyers should aspire to be for their clients and for their profession.

Michael (via Avvo)

Don't let the nice smile fool you. This is a serious lawyer who will fight non-stop to protect his clients' rights . . .

Eric is a very serious lawyer and although hiring a lawyer is always stressful, Eric has an empathic, calm demeanor. Even in stressful situations you are left with the impression that he has everything under control. I could not be happier with the representation he provided. It has been an honor to watch him work and I would gladly retain him again.

Brian Tannebaum – Criminal Defense Attorney, Miami, FL (via Avvo)

One of the greatest endorsements for a lawyer is to say "if I ever had a legal issue, I would hire this lawyer." I did have a legal issue, and Eric was my lawyer. He handled the case with kid gloves, letting me know what was going on at all critical times, and explaining his state's legal process from A to Z. I can't imagine having another lawyer as my lawyer for a legal issue in New York, there just can't be a better lawyer in that entire state.

Jeff Gamso, Criminal Defense Attorney, Toledo, OH (via Avvo)

Here's what I can tell you. When a bunch of lawyers needed a lawyer in New York, we turned to Eric. That's because lawyers know that when they need a lawyer, they need the best. He is. To say that his efforts were exceptional is to say too little. Representing lawyers is monstrously difficult. We're picky. We're prickly. We're sure we know better. Eric represented us with style and grace and excellence. And oh, yeah, we won the case. Eric's real field is medical malpractice. Ours was a defamation case. If he's this good at something he took outside his field of expertise, just imagine how good he is at what he concentrates on. I endorse Eric without reservation.

Eric Mayer, Military Law Attorney (via Avvo)

Since entering private practice in 2010, any time I receive a call from someone who was injured unjustly and needs representation in a civil matter, I consult with Eric. He always steered me in the right direction, and potential clients were always better because of his influence and assistance. Personally, I trust Eric with any matter, including my own. He is patient, detail-oriented, thorough, and a pillar of his community. A friend and mentor to many, he is what we should all aspire to be.

Leo Mulville (partner of client), Criminal Defense Attorney, Philadelphia (via Avvo):

Eric Turkewitz is a stellar advocate whose knowledge is evidenced by the fact that he successfully guided several other well-respected attorneys on proper procedure and practice before New York Courts, leading to the ultimate dismissal of a high-profile case. And anyone who's dealt with a group of lawyers before knows that telling a group of attorneys what to do is akin to herding cats. But Eric successfully did it. I wholeheartedly endorse him.

Jordan Rushie, Intellectual Property Attorney, Philadelphia (via Avvo)

Eric is one of the best attorneys that I know. He is not afraid to try a case and do what he thinks is right. He is also a constant sounding board for me, with unmatched wisdom and guidance. When I have difficult questions about things, Eric is always patient enough to answer them. Eric is the type of lawyer younger guys like myself aspire to be. I wouldn't hire anyone else in New York for a civil matter or personal injury lawsuit. Eric represents everything that is right with the legal profession.

Mark Bennett, Criminal Defense, Houston, Texas (via Avvo)

When seventy-some lawyers who write (including me) got sued for defamation in New York, a bunch of us got together and hired a dream team to defend the case. We wanted the best, so we chose Eric Turkewitz as our local counsel. Lawyers and the mentally ill make the most difficult clients….Defending lawyers sued for defamation by crazy people is not Eric's core competency—where Eric really shines is in helping people who have been injured by other people's negligence—but the talent, style, grace, and compassion (not to mention encyclopedic knowledge of the law) that Eric applied in winning our case are the same traits that make him great at what he does best: getting justice for injured human beings. I would refer my clients to Eric Turkewitz. I would refer my family to Eric Turkewitz. I refer you to Eric Turkewitz.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome


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